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Friendship Books

As I’m getting ready to say hello to a new school year, I’ve been thinking about books I would love to share with students early in the year. The rest of the week I’ll be sharing some new titles I’ve come across recently. Tonight I’d like to share two books about friendship with sweet twists.

I'm Not by Pam Smallcomb and Robert Weinstock. Schwartz & Wade Books, a division of Random House. 2011. (Used with permission of the publisher.)

I’m Not not drawn by Pam Smallcomb and not written by Robert Weinstock is a story about two friends, one who is eccentric and loud and the center of attention, while the other is quiet and introspective and content to blend in. The book highlights the differences between the friends which at first make it seem as though one is better than the other. Then the text shifts and we realize it’s okay to be different and the things that one person isn’t good at, someone else is. In the end the two realize despite their differences they are “true-blue friends.”

Although younger children will be drawn to the pictures and repetitive text, this is a book I would share with any age group. Last January I read it aloud during a session I led at a women’s conference. Too often we compare ourselves to others when in reality we should accept the things that make us different are just as special as the things we love about other people.

Without You by Genevieve Cote. Kids Can Press, 2011. (Used with permission of the publisher.)

Without You by Genevieve Cote is a story of two friends who argue and decide to play alone. However, in the end they realize all the “alone” things are much better when shared. This is a book primary kids will gobble up again and again and again.



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