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Monday Possibilities.

People grumble, growl, and roll their eyes when it comes to Mondays. Monday mornings are good fodder for jokes. However, I like to look at Monday as a day of possibilities. It is the opening day of a week waiting to unfold.

What did Monday offer you?

For me, I’m looking forward to understanding the Common Core Standards better. I’m anxious to return to a first grade classroom and document some of the growth. I can’t wait to interview a few second graders and gather their thoughts about writing celebrations.

I’ve been playing with my presentations for June and am excited to share them. I rehearse parts on my drive to and from work. I look forward to the words working together to inspire, teach, and connect teachers.

This week I’m relieved to meet with my writing group. It’s been too long — six weeks — and I can’t wait to hear about their writing work and share some of my own. As a fiction writer, I’m learning to cut backstory. This week is offering potential to revise in significant ways.

What expectations as a teacher, writer, person does this week hold for you?



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  1. Last week, I spent my time alone in the garden every day with the very warm sun–priceless! This week, it’s my reading group, writing group, ladies of the lake group, retirement group–all in one week–sometimes it falls that way! I’m also meeting family for dinner Friday!!! There’s a lot of growing going around these days!!! Love it all!! Just when I think my writing is going flat, new ideas pop up!!! I am blessed.


  2. I was up late on Sunday worrying about Monday. I found out last week that a 6th grade teacher was going on medical leave for the rest of the school year. I was approached by my adminstrator to help out the sub in language arts. This particular class has developed a rep in the building as a rough class. They are. They are disengaged at the very least. On the sub’s first day, one student left the building and was found walking down the road. I spent the morning in the class on Monday and learned a lot about the kids as readers and writers and thinkers. My mind is swirling with what I need to do to try to build some sort of community in just a few days.


  3. Well, lately I look forward to slice Tuesdays on Monday, which has been wonderful, and in the final weeks of school, every week holds wonderful events, like the spring play that happened last week, two classes left for overnight trips this week, special parties with those groups that classes visit like a grandperson’s group, etc. The end of school may be frantic, but there are so many celebrations of success, and Mondays begin the weeks of those. Just a few more to go!!


  4. My week holds the promise of: work with the novel committee to choose our pie-in-the-sky lists of the best books for 6th-8th grade classroom use, work with my fellow language arts teachers on summer reading initiatives as well as working with the common core standards to develop power standards, participation in the community of Tuesday slicers via TWT, work with the secondary academic team to bring some much needed professional development into our school, work with both my honors AND my regular 8th grade classes to appreciate Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the retirement party for 4 people I worked with from day one. All time well-spent! This is a great lens through which to view Mondays… usually I just pop in Manic Monday by the Bangles, suck it up, and get through the day.


  5. I hope others are inspired to look at Mondays differently–sometimes I feel like Monday offers a chance to start a do over. 🙂
    Today I looked forward to meeting with reading groups after a week of nothing but testing, beginning to really dig in to our last publishing project this year, and to working with the kids on a challenging set of problems in math.
    As for the rest of the week, I’m having trouble concentrating because all I keep thinking about is that writing group meets this week! Yippee! It’s been way too long.


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