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Sundays for the Soul: Serendipity

Serendipity. Go ahead, say it aloud: serendipity. I love the way this word bumps out of my mouth. It’s a favorite word of mine, not just because of the way it sounds, but also because of what it means. The meaning I prefer is: the phenomenon of finding valuable things not sought for. Serendipity is often associated with chance or accident, but I like to think of it as discovering an unexpected treasure. Here is a scrapbook page I created, highlighting the serendipity in my life:

photo: 2008; page created: 2009

Blogging is serendipitous. This entire adventure, from starting my first blog, to creating Two Writing Teachers, to the connections I find in other’s posts is filled with unexpected goodness. Last week, a friend who I met through Two Writing Teachers, sent me a note card made by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. We are both big fans. It made me feel connected to my friend, half a country away, as well as to a favorite writer. In the wonderful serendipitous way of blogging, Franki Sibberson posted about Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s new book: THIS PLUS THAT: LIFE’S LITTLE EQUATIONS.

Will you be on the lookout for serendipity in your life today? What treasures are waiting for you to discover? What unexpected goodness is lurking at the edges of your life? Serendipity (and the links in this post) is very good for your soul. (So is sharing the unexpected finds with us in the comments!)

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  1. When I visited my mom on Sunday, we hung out in her sewing room. We pawed through her fabrics and talked about the colors and patterns. Then I mentioned to her that I was planning on teaching summer school in a building without AC. My mom’s eyes lit up and she said she had some perfect fabric for a sundress or blouse. She had planned on using it for the back of a quilt but changed her mind. She opened her closet and there hung 3 yards of beautiful batik. It was perfect and unexpected. A treasure found. 🙂


  2. The Two Writing Teachers blog is my serendipitous find. I cannot even identify all the ways the blog, its ideas, and its connections have infiltrated my life, my world, my way of thinking.

    Yesterday, I attended a conference. I was greeted by a gentleman who offered me a rubber wristband as thanks for “bringing in the sunshine.” Perhaps I even bring in the sunshine a little more as a result of TWT!


  3. OH WOW! The word “serendipity” bumped of my tongue too as I said it out loud! a challenge for everyone- say the word out loud and feel the true meaning of SUnday for the Soul!
    Great post.


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