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Ruth’s SOLS: I Have No Self-Control

When it comes to reading fiction, I have no self-control. I tell myself novels are meant to be read over a series of days. I do not have to engulf an entire novel in one setting. It is fun when the characters linger at the edges of my mind, waiting for me to return.


Each time I start a new novel, it is a race to see how fast I can finish. Just one more page. One more chapter. Then another one. Then another one. Then another one.

What? What’s that you say?

No, it can’t be two in the morning.

But I’m not finished. There’s more to read. These characters are keeping me up. I have to know what happens next.

And so it goes. I read like a wolf eats. It isn’t pretty, but it is my reading life.

(PS: I’m typing this while eating morel mushrooms my parents found and shared. Yum!)

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  1. What a relief to hear that there are others like me! I think of it sort of like “binge reading” and have sometimes worried at my lack of self control, even when I know that I should be doing other work or going to sleep. But the books are just sooooo good!


  2. Wow, how can the publishing industry be in trouble, with all of us readers-who-can’t-stop around? I too, love to keep going, & always have to have the next book ready.


  3. I am a wolf reader too – so much so that I mostly restrict my reading to vacations or when I have less on my plate at work. My family has funny stories about trying to get my attention when I’m reading.


  4. I am a slow reader, and I can’t sit still for very long! I slow down even more and relish a book more if I like it a lot. We’re reading The Forgotten Garden in book club right now–love it–like a Jane Eyre book!!! My favorite settings are European, especially England!! To the shower and reading until my eyelids close and my head turns to the side to sleep, to sleep.


  5. I’m the same way when I read. Unfortunately that’s what makes it hard during “Read Alouds” with the kids. They beg to hear more…and so do I. So it’s always “Well okay, just one more chapter…”


  6. I devour them that way too–until I get down to the last few chapters. If the book is really good and I don’t want it to end, I try to slow myself down. I know I will miss the characters when I am done….


  7. I think it’s a good sign that you devour books. It means that they must be written well. I am a similar reader…devouring the good ones late into the night/early into the morning. You know it’s a struggling read when there isn’t a book in my hand. Happy reading!


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