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A Song for You, Momma (Ruth’s SOLS)

Today was frustrating at work school. (I know it’s been a rough day when I begin referring to it as work.) On the way home Sam fell asleep in his car seat, which is a very rare occurence. I carried him in and he snuggled close, so I cuddled him in the rocking chair. We were enjoying the stillness for a few minutes while the girls were outside and Andy was in the shower. I felt his fingers like butterflies on my cheek. I opened my eyes. “Momma, I have a song for you. Wanna hear it?”

“Mmm-hmmm,” I mumble, relieved to be home. His voice melts my heart, it is the sweetest sound I’ve heard all day:

You’re the best Mom

I’m glad you’re mine.

You’re the best Mom

I love you

You’re the best Mom

You know lots of things

and make me happy

and others too

You’re the best Mom

I love you

Love love love you.

There was no tune and little rhythm, yet it wiped the day away and reminded me that even on the rough days my life is good.


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