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Ruth’s Memoir Monday: High School Art Class.

I walk into my favorite class of the day, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are floating through the air, She grew up in an Indiana town, with a good lookin’ mama who was never ’round, I took my usual seat, far from the door, on the inside of the table.  I loved this spot because I could block out all that was happening around me, including the constant distraction of my long time crush.  I look out the wide windows as the giant apple poster:  All I Ever Needed I Learned in Kindergarten greeted me.

Bouncing to the back of the room, proud to have my own cupboard space, I pull out my latest project:  An ink drawing of a still life I compiled and photographed.  I smile looking at the photo of the target, pistol, bullets, and eye glasses, thinking of my dad and the way he sets his mind to accomplish whatever he chooses.

My expression quickly changes as I look at my ink drawing.  It is almost complete, except for the bottom left corner where the glasses belong.  I wrinkle my nose absorbing the wrong bends in the lines and angles, which I’ve drawn over and over for the past week.  Sighing, I settle in with an eraser and pencil in hand.  “I’ll never get this right,” I mutter louder than I intended.

“What’s going on?” Mr. Malicki asked pulling up another stool.  Close.  I knew he was going to teach me when he sat close.  A lesson just for me and one that I needed.

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  1. Awww, Ruth… I love it! I totally know what you mean too. I was right back there myself, only sitting on the other side of the table. Ha!


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