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Stacey’s SOLS: Contest

I noticed the clay menorahs sitting on the “to-be-fired” cart in the Arts Room when I arrived at Ceramics Class this evening. I didn’t think twice about them ’til I heard Shannon mention the contest. As soon as I heard there was a contest, my competitive flare shot from my belly and out through my mouth. “Can I make one?” I asked Shannon.

“Sure,” she replied. “You can enter in the ‘Families’ Division.”

“The ‘Families’ Division? Who’s entering with me? My husband? I’m the one making it,” I replied.

She smiled knowingly.

“Okay, I’ll enter in that division, I guess,” I replied.

I went to work, rolling out a thin menorah base. Then, I pelted Shannon with questions like: Do the candles have to be in a straight line? and What’s the grand prize, if I win, which I won’t? and Do the candle holders really all have to be the same height for it to be a Kosher Menorah?

Shannon took it all in-stride. One of my Ceramics Classmates declared me a “Type A,” due to my competitive nature. I laughed it off though… seeing as she’s probably right!

I only had 20 minutes left in the class when I decided to create my own menorah for the contest. Therefore, this is all I could put forth in that time:

A view from above:     

A view from the side:

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