Daily Archive: August 20, 2008

The Big Picture: What are kids thinkin’ on the first day?


I live with a first grader.  Here were her two big concerns prior to the first day of school: One.  Will my teacher be nice?  Two.  Will I have any friends? I think… Continue reading

Memory Boxes


Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge was published in 1985, when I was in third grade. However, my third grade teacher never read it to me, nor did my fourth or my fifth. In fact,… Continue reading

The Big Picture: Pay no mind to the calendar or your watch! Just pay attention to what you do with your days!


I was about 15 when a family member shared a quote with me that was inscribed on a wall of his high school: “We live in deeds, not years.” It was something worth… Continue reading