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“Day in a Sentence”: The Release of the Sentences

Hosting “Day in a Sentence” has given me an opportunity to view new blogs from around the country (and world). I’m thrilled Kevin gave me the chance to host it here this week. So, here’s the round-up of the sentences that were submitted:

People with blogs:

Teach People Not Books wrote: Joseph and I embarked upon improving lower-case a’s and stumbling happily through Hop On Pop, finishing just in time for me to hurry across town for some serious terrible-twos nannying.

K. Jayne Cockrill wrote: After slaving all day over my keyboard, face in an obnoxiously bright computer screen, I fielded car accident and physical therapy treatment phone calls, until finally after five I could escape to the comfort of my home, lock the door to my room, and sink into my own keyboard, face in an obnoxiously bright computer screen.

Rick Glass added art to his sentence. Here’s what he wrote: If today was a sentence i think for me it would be a run-on sentence.

Kevin wrote: For now, taking a step back feels like taking a step forward.

Sara wrote: august by the weekend, and i reflect how much i love the month before school – it’s all possibilities, and wonderful expectations, and plenty of time to get it all done right.

Juliann wrote: Green shoots of new grass lift the burden of dragging the hose around the yard.

I wrote: I journeyed back to the hair care company/salon I did p.r. for YEARS ago to get one of the best haircuts I’ve had in a long time.

Liza Lee Miller wrote: Panic simmers just below the surface of my brain as July turns into August and the countdown to school begins . . . 26 days remain until blast-off!

Nancy Ludu wrote: I have been lucky enough to participate in the A3WP course at UC Davis this week and learned not only how to create a blog, wiki, google reader account and about digital story telling!

Karen wrote: Twenty-one fleeting years ago, I gave birth to my firstborn, a baby girl, who is as beautiful to me today as she was twenty-one years ago when the doctor laid her in my arms for the very first time.

Deb Renner Smith wrote: Having time to write daily, while raising two healthy happy teenagers is my joyous blessing this week.

Bonnie wrote: I am finally back in my leather chair by the window, breathing as our Hudson Valley Writing Project Summer Institute 08 ends and I hope that some/all of our new teacher consultants join us on a ning network.

Murcha wrote: After meeting raine22 from Boston on classroom20, she amazed my class with the presentation she prepared about our little known town, of Hawkesdale in Australia and by careful questioning over a virtual classroom, prised answers out of my students who probably did not realize that they had in fact become ‘teachers’ and not students.

Ruth wrote: Head spinning with ideas and plans and items to do, while attempting to balance my many roles.

Dkzody wrote: We are finishing up a fabulous July in San Francisco, ending right on my birthday, and making ready for a new school year.

People without blogs:

Gail P. wrote: It’s supposed to be the “lazy days of summer” but with the countdown to school on, we have to schedule our breaks from all the activities and preparations; thanks for the example, Kevin.

Tracy Rosen wrote: After a week of writing and thinking about why I teach I realize the strongest verb I can think of is bring – It brings me calm.

Jes Thaxton wrote quite a bit, but the line I’m picking out of her comment is: Switching schools continually throughout the years can do so much damage to those so young.


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  1. Hi, Stacey! You did a great job getting these together. I hope I can do as well next weekend. 😉

    Alas, I’m late getting mine together again. Sorry. Here goes:

    We found out this week our beautiful house in the country will be put up for sale soon (instead of in a few years, as we’d been told initially…), and now we have to decide if it’s a forever thing. Scary.


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