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M.M. Inspiration: Sometimes you have to let your hair down!

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Has there ever been a moment in time when you’ve let your hair down in front of others? For me, it was at the 105th Street (Central Park) Fountain with several of my former students in April 2005. The fountain (in the photo; photo taken in 2007) was empty and several of my students jumped in when we were at the Park enjoying lunch there together. They dared me to jump into the empty fountain… and I did for about 15 seconds, before I got out. (NOTE: My father told me that I shouldn’t have taken a dare from my students… in hindsight, he had a good point!) It was a moment that was talked about for the next two months of school. Phrases like, “Ms. S. is mad cool because she jumped in the fountain!” or “Did you hear that Ms. S. went into the fountain with us?”

Anyway, if you’re looking for inspiration for Monday’s “Memoir Mondays” Challenge, then try thinking about a time you let your hair down. Try to write small about that event and capture the essence of how letting your hair down changed you as a person either in your eyes or in someone else’s.

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