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All-Write Summer Institute: Day Two.

What a whirlwind!  And coming home to three young children didn’t slow life down any!  True to form, I’m going to write another list of good stuff from day two.

  1. Storyboards ROCK — for all grade levels.  Penny spent time discussing her use of storyboards.  Basically it is pictures + few words.  At the younger grades, it is a great way to get ideas in a sequential order.  In the older grades, it is a great way to envision different structures for one’s writing. 
  2. Storyboards help students find the heart of their stories.  She asks students to choose the box where they have the most to say and begin writing there.
  3. By cutting apart the boxes (or using stickie notes) students are able to rearrange the order of their writing.
  4. Students can revise their storyboards several times before writing.  It is much easier to create a new storyboard than to cut three pages of writing!
  5. Mary Helen Gensch and Tammy Shultz (oh how I wish they had blogs!) shared their top ten picture books from the year.  Some that I can’t wait to get my hands on:  Least Things:  Poems about Small Naturesby Jane Yolen; Kelly of Hazel Ridgeby Robbyn Smith van Frankenhuyzen; Frogsby Nic Bishop; Show Wayby Jacqueline Woodson; America’s White Tableby Margot Theis Raven.
  6. The writing session with Katherine Bomer was so worth it.  I worked hard, very hard on the poem I crafted.  It was a good experience to labor over my writing.  So much of what I write is under timed conditions (blogging) where I have to say it’s good enough and move on.  I’m glad to have pushed myself because of her leading.
  7. Jim Burke, in his closing key note said:  The seasons of our personal and professional lives impact our decisions.  Isn’t this true?  Now that I have a few years under my belt, I understand the seasons of life.  The important part is we do our best and keep our guiding principals clear in our minds.

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