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Summer Literacy Challenge for Kids


Jen Barney, of A Teacher’s Life, posted a comment on a post I wrote a couple months ago about summer writing loss. Jen suggested that I give my students a Summer Adventure Packet. She graciously sent the one she used to me so that I could tweak it for my own use. This is what I put together for my kiddos. (I’m going to include a notebook and a pen or pencil to get them started.)

Here’s to hoping that this keeps my students, who are on the brink of becoming my former students, reading and writing all summer!

Click on the hyperlink below to view my version of this Summer Adventure:

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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  1. What will your students be doing? If you are going to recommend something for them, I’d be happy to do the same thing with my daughter.
    Thank you Stacey!

    My daughter chose the Go outside and Listen option and record what she heard and then write a poem.
    Here is her poem:

    A Busy Bee Buzzing
    A Crabby Crow Crying
    A Pesky Woodpecker Pounding
    A Friendly Finch Frolicing
    A Chipmunk Chipping
    The Lawn Mower Ruins It All.



  2. Jane:

    OMG! I forgot to include it in the packet. YIKES! I guess you could go ahead and use anything you wanted. I’m happy to make some suggestions if you’d like.



  3. I love your week 6-8!!! Might have to do some adjusting for next year!!! I have already had numerous emails from my treasures about books they have selected to read this summer. I am so amazed at their excitement for this! It pumps me up to continue to writer this summer as well!

    For my survival adwards I thought it would be neat to take their school pictures and make book marks as one of their prizes. I could them laminate it!


  4. Hey — H. brought one home last night! Kudos to her teacher, eh? She got out the notebook & wrote:

    I love the last day of school. I reskd a catn.

    Conventional first sentence . . . the second says: I rescued a kitten. (And she did, from our lovely dog who had it cornered!)

    Great ideas, Stacey & Jen!


  5. This is amazing and something I might tweak for next year too. Our last day is tomorrow so there isn’t time to do it this year! One question…what do you put in your “survival packs?”


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