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SOLSC: Mini Courses


Mini Courses began yesterday at my school. I landed up having eight kids in my handmade card making mini course. I had a FABULOUS time with them (Six are my students, one student is in the third grade, and one student is in the second grade.) This SOLS that follows is about one small moment within the hour-long mini course:

I was punching holes one-by-one, with a pin tool, through V’s Mother’s Day Card methodically since I didn’t want the brads to sit too close together. Just as I took my pin tool out of the card, I glanced upwards to where Ms. Y. was setting up the food I had purchased.

“That looks great!” I announced from across the classroom.

Modestly she replied, “Oh thank you!”

I walked over to where Ms. Y. was standing, leaving V to finish fastening the brad to the card. She cut the whole wheat pita into sections and put them on plates with folded napkins for each student. The apple juice had been poured into eight cups with the hummos and apricots waiting to be consumed on the same desks. All I kept thinking to myself was, If she wasn’t here right now, I don’t know how I would’ve pulled this off! Food and teaching card making for the first time… wouldn’t have gone as well as it is!

I showed the students how to dip the pita into the hummos, which only one of them had had before, so that there was no double-dipping going on. They all complied and all tried the Sabra Hummos, which was exceedingly spicy thanks to the red peppers in the center. Q told me, “I really like hummos Ms. S., but can I get a drink from the bubbler… now!??!” (Naturally I told her “yes.”)

Next week: Birthday Cards and Fresh Fruit

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  1. You know, I love that you really bring so many experienced into the classroom. Food, for example. And spicy food to boot. Those are things that kids will remember for a long time.

    “Remember the time we ate that hummus and it was so hot I could barely breathe?”
    “Yeah. That was so fun.”

    I can hear it now.



  2. It’s so nice that you are helping your students learn how to make their own cards, especially Mother’s Day cards. Also a special treat for those children that have never tried Hummos and Pita bread. Again I say, I wish I would have had a teacher like you when I was growing up. Thank you for sharing your life.


  3. Sabra hummus, one of my favorite brands. Have you tried Picnic? What a way to make connections, over a plate of hummus and pita. Love the music to write to…


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