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Word Count Journal: Should I or Shouldn’t I???

Nancy wrote about her experiences with the Word Count Journal, something I hadn’t heard of ’til I read her post. I’m debating whether or not I want to sign up for one? Hmmmm… Could be a neat tool to use in the classroom with kids going-forward. Hence, I’m posting it to my account and will reflect upon it’s merits.

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

3 thoughts on “Word Count Journal: Should I or Shouldn’t I??? Leave a comment

  1. I started one of these right after starting the SOLSC last month. I like the idea a lot, but I find that I don’t like only writing a certain number of words … it hems me in. I’m sure that will change once I’ve been at it for a while and each day’s wordcount is pretty high. For now, I admit that I’ll sometimes let it go for a couple of days so that I can write a whole bunch at once.


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