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Coming Soon: Poetry Station for Morning Work

I provide my students with academic choices for a half hour, each morning, during our Morning Work Period. Some read, some write, some play math games, some do flash cards, and some need more options! Since my class LOVES poetry, I decided to create something I’ve been talking about for a LONG time, a:
Poetry Station

I purchased an empty/multi-purpose center station from Really Good Stuff Reading.

Then, I started looking through poetry books for teachers that I love for activity ideas and/or inspiration.

I got started this evening and created four activities for my station, laminating the task cards as I went.

I’m hoping to have this completed by the end of the long-weekend… photos to-come once the Station is complete.

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Poetry Station for Morning Work

  1. Stacey, this all looks great! I’ve been trying to think of ways to give students some more defined and creative independent study options during that period. I don’t think I can set up ‘stations,’ as our classroom is awkwardly shaped and very small (to say nothing of how hard it is to get teenagers out of their seats for anything but break time!), but I’ve been making activity boxes, and I like the idea of a poetry box. Could you post the names of the books you’ve been using?


  2. I am a poet addict and I am trying my hand at writing my own poetry. I love the idea of a poetry station within a classroom. I am curious, what poetry book do you use for ideas and/or inspiration? And what sort of activities do you have on the cards?


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