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Not Quite the Start I Hoped For… But Not Bad

Eight of my 18 kids (two were absent) came into school today with their Slice of Life Story Entries from the weekend. I was hoping to have more like 90% of my students come in with their entries written today, but I guess you cannot get everything you wish for, right?

However, let’s focus on the positives:

  • Nearly half of my students who were in attendance today had entries to show me.
  • Two kids started a brand new notebook just for their Slice of Life Stories.
  • When I showed my students the blog that one of my former students started for the SOLSC, they got excited since they saw another kid, just a touch older than them, was blogging about her slices of life.
  • One of my three students who inspired this Challenge saw Barack Obama at RIC on Saturday and wrote about attending the rally for his Saturday Slice of Life Story in his writer’s notebook. Election 2008: Who knew it would creep into my students’ Slices of Life?
  • I’m hoping for greater participation tomorrow. I have more than enough mini bee stickers to put on that chart!

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    3 thoughts on “Not Quite the Start I Hoped For… But Not Bad Leave a comment

    1. This sounds like a great start to me! I’m starting with my students tomorrow (we only meet 3 times a week). If I can get half of them to participate, I’ll consider it a glittering success!

      I love Bethany’s idea of posting their SOL stories. That would rock. I might try that with my students. Or have them post on their MySpace pages (because they all have one! Hmm … that might really get them motivated …


    2. So, here’s an obvious question to maybe motivate, have you thought about having a blog where you choose a few of the “slices” and post them? 🙂

      I mean, that would be way cool right? I guess the time to type them in might make time. But do you have a scanner? Could you scan in what they hand in to you (or make a photocopy to scan in)? And then cross out names (for safety of course)?

      I don’t know… an idea. you know… to get those kiddos motivated! Let me know if you need help. Love that they are writing regardless!


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