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Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: Day 2


Decorative boxes for my students I finished attaching ribbon, to the wooden boxes I painted, earlier this morning. I decided I had gotten enough practice painting practice. Therefore, it was time to bring out the stencil and have a go with the stenciling.

I’ve been wanting to do stenciling (using a template!) for years. However, I always made excuses why I wouldn’t or shouldn’t. However, as I stood in Jo-Ann Crafts last night, taking a cabin fever break (I’m sick, but I’m still able to do errands), I realized that I shouldn’t make excuses anymore. Therefore, I bought one stencil, two pots of paint, stenciling tape and some foam brushes.

I looked down at all of the supplies I gathered, retrieved my step ladder and began to tape the stencil to the wall above my (inner) bathroom doorway. Once it was secure, I removed the protective film from the amber pot of paint. I climbed back up on the step ladder again and began brushing-on the paint somewhat delicately. I realized that delicate dabs weren’t showing up enough, so I dabbed harder. In the end, I landed up with this:

Tomorrow I have to add the gold paint when I come home from work. And then on Tuesday evening, I’ll be able to remove the pink stencil to see how it came out. Until then, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!

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  1. I went for the gold paint just now. The amber looked dry enough. I’ll still wait til tomorrow to remove the pink stencil. Wish me luck! If it looks horrible, then OMG… That doubles as our guest bathroom (and my bathroom).


  2. You’re a braver woman that I, Stacey! I want to paint in my new place, and my landlords are fine with it … but I’m stuck trying to figure out colors … and I keep backing off the plan thinking I should only paint one room … or maybe only one wall!

    Looking forward to seeing how your stencil turns out!


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