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WN Entry: I only needed to buy…

What did I buy???!!!???

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This was the list I had before I went to Whole Foods this afternoon: iced tea, cotton squares, dinner for tonight, veggies, lunch for tomorrow, and orange juice. However, tonight wasn’t just an ordinary night at Whole Foods… it was “Try it Tuesday.” And therefore I tried lots of the delectable samples that were located at the end-cap of nearly every aisle. I tried and tried and sampled and sampled and came out with two full bags (Reusable, thank you very much!) of things that I didn’t quite need, like:
hair gel (I kind of needed that.)
chocolate covered rice crackers
falafel lunch combo
and, oh, I can’t admit to the rest!

Food shopping became enjoyable for me when I was in college and found my way to the Fresh Fields in Tenleytown, which was two Metro Lines away (and a $6.00 cab ride home to Foggy Bottom). Now, I find myself wanting to go to stores like Fresh Fields (Whole Foods is a “cousin” of Fresh Fields’.) and East Side Market instead of the normal, mega grocery stores. Granted, I’ll continue to buy my basics at those places, but there’s something nice about the ambiance of a store like Whole Foods after a day of teaching.

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