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I’m Back.

In a recent email, I explained to Stacey that life has just consumed me recently and the blogging end of it has taken the hit. The past few weeks have been bittersweet.  The joy of the holidays could not be beat.  I absolutely loved celebrating with our extended family, our friends, and our little family of three.  I’ve been stretched as a writer as I documented our lives daily throughout December (inspired by Ali Edwards).  I’ve been creating art with my December Daily Somethings and love having something tangible to hold and remember the season.

However, we also mourned the loss of a dear friend’s mother.  She passed away a week before Christmas after nearly a year of battling brain cancer.  And just this week our cousin was in a terrible accident with her five children.  She was able to rescue three of them, but the other two died.

I’ve been reminded of what really matters in life and these events have changed me as a person.  I shared a bit of my thinking from my Writer’s Notebook entry where I explored this more for WNW.  You may read it by clicking here.

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