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ruth’s wn entry: one little word.

Last year I took up an Ali E. challenge (a theme in my life, eh?) and participated in ONE LITTLE WORD.  The idea was to come up with a defining word for the year.  My word for ’07?  Genuine.

If you are a regular reader, you know I’ve reflected from time to time on my OLW, as well as my intentions I put in place for 2007.  (I must say, I’ve loved setting intentions instead of resolutions & plan to do that again as well.)

And so with Stacey’s charge, I feel it’s time to commit to the One Little Word that has been rolling around in my mind for 2008.


I’m planning on capturing the essence of this word in 2008.  I’m planning on creating art based on my reflections and realizations and growth.  Yes, I plan on growing as a person.  That is the goal of living:  continual growth and refinement.

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