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writer’s block.

Or is it blogger’s block?  I don’t know what to post . . . and this is quite uncharacteristic for me, which means it is also quite frustrating.  Since the title of the blog is TWO Writing Teachers, it’s time for me to pull my weight.  Angela asked me about my blogging process. . . I guess that’s as good a topic as any.

Gathering Ideas:  I have lists hanging around the edges of my life with ideas for blog posts.  These lists are in my car, near my office computer, in my writer’s notebook, on my bathroom mirror, near my art workspace, pretty much all over the edges of my life.  I typically have anywhere from 5 – 30 ideas for blog posts  on any given day.  Now you know the truth — I’m a truly a blog junkie.

Writing:  I draft and revise my posts on the “write post” page.  I don’t type them out first in Word, nor do I write them out long hand.  (The exception is if I’m somewhere without a computer & the inspiration for a blog post hits . . . I may jot down a few lines in my wn to keep the idea.)  I take anywhere from 10 – 25 minutes to complete the typical post. 

Rereading:  I reread like a crazy-woman.  I’m constantly rereading & changing.  This is why it sometimes takes so long to complete a post.

Editing:  I always reread my post after I click publish.  I’m amazed at the errors I find.  I’m also amazed at the errors I find days later, that I missed originally.  This keeps me humble and makes me a better writing teacher.  I’m a stickler for Standard English & I still flub it up sometimes . . . it makes me have even more compassion for my students.

Commenting:  And then I take time to check out others thoughts & leave comments.  I believe that commenting is a blogger’s fuel.  I’m always relieved when a colleague tells me they’ve been reading my blog . . . because sometimes you really wonder, ya know?  (And I always respond with a thank you and sheepish smile and ask:  why don’t you leave a comment?)  All this writing and time and processing and when someone leaves a comment — even if it’s only 3 words — it makes it worth it.  I try to be that encourager in the blog-o-sphere.

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  1. I love this post! I actually post very similarly to you, as far as process. Right now, I am definitely experiencing bloggersblock. I feel like I have a million ideas floating around but I just can’t commit any of them to the screen!


  2. This entry relieves me slightly, for as a novice writer, I feel off the track half the time. But, if a writer does similar things to what I’m doing, maybe things are not as bleak as they appear.

    An sightful blog by the way…I’m glad I clicked that link on my dashboard to see it. 🙂


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