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Twenty Published Pieces

Twenty Published Pieces That Grew Out of Writer’s Notebook Entries

Caption: My students spent two days working on on-demand writing pieces. Today eight of them shared their small moment stories in front of their peers. However, all of them took time to decorate the covers of the manila folders that hold photocopies of their original entries, a graphic organizer, one draft and then their final published piece.

We had a little celebration in my room today… no food, just the exchanging of stories. Eight of my 20 kids decided to share their on-demand pieces in front of the class. I let them sit in my director’s chair when they read their stories aloud to their peers. (As a reward, I took photos of them and printed them out asap so they could include an “about the author” section on the inside front cover of their manila folder, which holds each child’s published piece of writing.

After each child shared, I allowed them to ask their peers two questions:
1. “What is one thing I did well as a writer?”
2. “What’s one thing I can work on as a writer?”

I modeled how to do this with the first three students, but then I let the kids do it. They were pretty good with their comments. Essentially, they’re giving the writer a compliment and a teaching point… they just don’t know those terms yet. (They’ll be learning how to do a peer conference in the weeks to come, but for now, I think this was a good way to start.)

The pieces are ready for me to read and comment on. I can’t wait to dive into the pile on Sunday morning!

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