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My Writer’s Notebook: A Poem by Brod Bagert for Poetry Friday

I taped this poem into the inner front cover of each of my students’ writer’s notebooks this past year. I didn’t think it meant anything to them until, as an end of the year gift in June, one of my students made me a collage of a bunch of the writing things she had collected over the year (comments from me and my student teacher, her business card from DEAL WITH IT, excerpts of her writing, and a copy of the second stanza of this poem). The fact that she put THIS POEM into the collage made me feel as though pasting it into each student’s notebook DID matter. Hence, if you haven’t handed out writer’s notebooks to your students yet, then consider pasting this poem into each of them.

My Writer’s Notebook by Brod Bagert

It’s a black and white composition notebook,
A hundred pages
with blue line
that await my words:

Diamond Search

My life lies before me
Like the bed of a shallow river.
My fingers sift sand and gravel
For the rough diamonds that lie hidden.
And as I find them
I put them in this notebook.
I write… I cut… I polish…
And they shine.

My words on an empty page
In an ordinary notebook,
The silver setting for the jewels of my life.

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5 thoughts on “My Writer’s Notebook: A Poem by Brod Bagert for Poetry Friday

  1. I just stumbled on to your blog and read the poem above that you pasted into each student’s writer’s notebooks. What a clever idea! My 11th grade English teacher had us keep journals during our school year with her. She is responsible for my love of writing and poetry. She is now a mystery writer. Good, too. Jane Isenberg is her name. Teachers who encourage writing and reading are to be commended and given all the financial help they need. I know teachers who spend their own money buying supplies for their students, books and journals. Teachers shouldn’t have to do this. My hat is off to you and I’m enjoying your blog!


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